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Responsive Web Design

responsive web designWhat is responsive web design?

Simply put, responsive web design is the ability of a website to adjust its size to correctly fit the screen of the device being used. Responsive web design uses media queries to determine the resolution of the screen its being view on. Flexible images and fluid grids then size the site to fit the screen correctly. This means your website can be viewed on computer desktops, iPads, tablets and even cell phones.

What are the benefits of responsive web design?

The most obvious benefit is that only one web design will be needed to work seamlessly across thousands of different screen resolutions. We have become a society that demands access to information from anywhere we happen to be. Consider the rapid growth of tablets and Smartphone’s and it becomes clear that people prefer reading news and even shopping on the mobile web rather than in apps. As the number of tablets and Smartphone’s increase the need for responsive web designs will increase also. If you are a business owner you stand to miss thousands of opportunities from tablet and mobile phone users!